Irina Baronova
and the Ballets Russes
de Monte Carlo
Victoria Tennant
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Irina Baronova and the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo
  • "If it’s possible, I'm more in awe than ever."
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov
  • "I really couldn’t put this book down. I was in tears."
  • Wendy Whelan, New York City Ballet
  • ". . . moving and sumptuous. Evocative, even bewitching, it gives an intimate look at a lost world of ballet ."
  • ". . . an intoxicating glimpse into a lost age, taking in the volatile world of the Russian Revolution and two world wars that formed the backdrop to ballet at the time."
  • THE LADY (magazine)
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Set against a sweeping background of revolution and war, this is an intimate portrait of a great ballerina told by her daughter. The story of a grand Russian family who become destitute refugees, of the ballet teacher who taught her even though they had no money, and of Balanchine who picked her to join the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo when she was only twelve. This book chronicles the company that modernized the world of dance and introduced ballet to every corner of America. The voices of mother and daughter alternately tell the story of the great talents and larger-than-life characters, their rivalries, romances, triumphs and heartbreaks. It is also the story of how a Russian ballerina helped start the first great American ballet company, American Ballet Theatre. With over three hundred rare photographs and excerpts from private letters, this is an insider look at the life and times of Irina Baronova, and what makes an artist great. It is also the journey of a woman who lost her home and country, lived her life out of a suitcase, and finally found her home and peace in Australia.


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Irina Baronova and the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo